A Heart Paused

Our minds are holding out, the question is can our hearts hold?

Nikola Z. Brenjo
2 min readJan 9, 2021

We are already well into the new year, in the land “down-under.”

Welcoming us this year, there was a lack of joy, nowhere near enough smiles. The gist of it was there but life oh life, its very essence lies concealed in finer details. Our lives turned upside-down. Our joys and sorrows delayed or rescheduled!

Held captive by the enemy unseen and unheard both young and old alike. Nobody knows where or how it will strike next and when will it “take the final bow” and exit the stage of our lives! In an instant, we have all been cast as extras in the movie that is our life! We all survive strictly in the “here and now!” Many hearts paused in silent anticipation of the unknown. Only time will tell what beckons for those who are yet to be born! This has been going on for far too long now. We are living on survival-instinct alone!

In the eyes of many emptiness, the spark of life is dim! The truth: “We are no longer free!” “screams from each glance.

Here we are at a moment in time so brutal and bold! This world we live in is akin to a “macabre market” where human lives and souls in an-instant are being bought and sold!

The mind is well-versed and adjusts with ease to do “what it is told” be it young or old! The heart though at times so strong, paused in fear and anxiety now for so long. A sombre and dark question remains: Will our hearts hold?!

Thank you for reading!



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