The Clout of Imagination

Why a good imagination today is a must

Nikola Z. Brenjo
2 min readAug 7, 2021


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When we were kids many of us imagined things to keep ourselves amused. Come on let us have an honest “show of hands” how many of you could even imagine anything like our world today? Say even, 20 years ago! What has become of our world?!

Let’s be honest now, this “blue planet” we inhabit has never been perfect nor are we! Yet, there was a time when a belief lived in us that things will be ok and that a bright future awaits us all! I am probably musing here, sick with the nostalgia of yesteryear. Heck, we live in a world today where people are losing the ability to think, dream and imagine things. Instead, we are living in an environment of fear, constant, dosed and permanent instruction! All this is taking place while an unseen and violent foe in a form of a biohazard around us at a blizzard pace gains traction. Take a trip in present circumstances to do that we do not dare! On the other hand, to take a “trip” a “chill pill”, down a whisky do what you must just don’t leave the house that is super risky! Some time ago now this approach has become “sanctioned”, thus it is almost no longer an “illicit affair!”

Governments the world over claim that for humanity they care! All this whilst day in and day out infringements upon our basic freedoms become harder and harder to bear! The sad reality is that they have divided us, on one side are those who don’t and on the other those who supposedly care! The essence of the matter is that we have all lost the perspective on what is humane or fair in this all, so long ago now!

The only option we have now is to take a mental bender, let our imagination run free, put on the music. Recall John’s words and “Imagine” for only a brief moment if you will? Imagine a reality without a pre-determined sanctioned fate? A world without a probable “release date!” Imagine and be free again like a child. Don’t hesitate, unleash it now, embrace the power of your mind!

Don’t be bitter and angry to those with whom you disagree! Embrace them! Remember, we all have a common goal: TO BE FREE!

With imagination, you are always in control! A “golden surfer” riding on an eternal high tide.

Thank you for reading.



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